Throwback blog: Viva la Diva!

Viva la Diva!


Engelbert Humperdink – ah those were the days. Apparently he’s still got the hearts of many in Azerbaijan so fingers crossed!

Ohh-ahh just a little bit – I digress.  The show attracts 125 million viewers each year (which is, coincidentally, the population number of Japan – I wonder if they watch it?) and it’s been hauling out the glitter balls, the backing dancers and round-topped stools for nearly sixty years.

Most of the winning songs have been sung in English – and the UK has only won it five times in all of its history.  We all remember Katrina and the Waves (1997 when we still had the wonderful Princess Diana with us, God rest her beautiful soul) the last time we won it, but it started the careers of many others like Gina G. Gina G now fills the cheesey nightclubs and student nights with abundance but I say she’s a lovely gal and I wouldn’t mind her sharing the stage with me at all.

But – this is one for the EastEnder books – Samantha Janus, now baby-stealing Ronnie aka Samantha Womack in 1991 with A Message To Your Heart. It came tenth which isn’t all bad but we did much better in the sixties where the UK was heralded second for a few years until 1967 with top place of Puppet on a String.

If you’d like to hear more of these very important factoids or want to hear some made-up ones, do come along to Cinema City on 26th May. The Eurovision Party will be raising money for BBC Children In Need and Norwich Pride. For £10, you’ll also get a free drink, a score card and a goodie bag. I say you couldn’t knock all that up for at least £10.50 so save yourself the bother of singing along at home (most likely on your own) and join us for a fab night.

If any of you are wondering why I, glorious songstress internationale is not representing the UK myself, you should come along on the night to find out why too. Viva la Diva.

Remember it’s raising money for some lovely causes whilst giving us all a good night out. Call 0871 9025724 or book online here.