“It was great to have you front our main show, you entertained the thousands throughout the day. Your professionalism and energy proved a winner for all. Great attitude on stage – helpful, friendly and charming offstage (we’ll not tell your fans that last part).“
Events Team, Norwich Pride

TT: Thank you to you lovely lovely people, making Norwich a safe haven for the day and beyond was a wonderful thing. To think Norwich Pride is just three years old, but a gathering of 4,000 people demonstrated why it is such a good thing.

“What a great night! Thank you for brightening up the weekend, I’m now your stalker as I want to see everything you do. Thank you for the autographs you really are a celeb.”
Craig, 21, Bury St Edmunds

TT: I had a marvellous time myself, from the Locomotion to the Lambada I danced my heels off!

“Powerful vocals, attitude and charm and a great look. The devoted song was really heart-warming and brought me to tears – it was a very special moment for all of us.”
Elsie, Cambridge

“Many, many thanks to you gorgeous Titti. You were great on the beach getting everyone up on their feet upon the sand and you were great all evening with your cabaret show. You helped make our very first Pride an inclusive, hilarious success. Great voice as well – you certainly delivered the full package!”
P Wiesels, Organiser, North Norfolk Pride 2011

“Thank you for your many contributions to this year’s Pink Festival. It seems you met everyone throughout the course of the day and you certainly made an impression. You stole the show!”
Organising team, Pink Festival 2010

“It was great having you – one of our best nights I can remember! You’ve got a growing fanbase and would love to have you back!”
Mr S White, Manager, King’s head, Beccles, Suffolk

TT: My fan base is always growing you cheeky bearded tinker soldier! I love singing, I love food, dinner theatre must be in my blood, along with the high percentage of gin.

“Thank you again, we couldn’t even hear the music cause the whole audience was laughing so much! You really pulled out all the stops and now have a fan base with us here. Cant wait to have you back Miss Superstar!”
L Enskat, No Strings Burlesque & Cabaret Night

“A fabulous host and one of the most helpful acts I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.”
J Dawtry, Programmer, Brimful Arts Festival

“I can’t wait for next time. We had such a funny time and we’ve never seen anything like that before!”
Sam, 41, audience member at a dinner theatre show

“We’ve had a ball. Singing, comedy, DJing and dancing all in one evening and amongst costume changes. Both loyal and new punters love you both!”

Client: This has been the best engagement party ever!
TT: How many times have you been engaged?
Client: Only this once.
TT: Do you think it will last?
Client: Well if it doesn’t, I’ll have another. If it makes it to the wedding, I want to book you for that too!