Dear Titania

Often dubbed an agony aunt and one to interfere whenever I can, I like to receive post from fan mail with adoration to letters asking for advice and whimsical attentions.

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Dear Titania,
I have found that since lockdown I am just moping around the house. I’m not getting any work done in this ‘working from home’ thing. I find myself doing lots of things at once but nothing productive e.g. swiping through my phone during a work meeting and updating my status watching TV. There’s just too many distractions! I also find it really annoying when I hear of others doing online training or setting up a new business or something so productive it hurts. If I carry on like this – or if lockdown carries on like this – I would have achieved nothing.
William Wondersworth

Dear William,
Oh my darling. I think we are all feeling the hit of lockdown and this unusual time. Personally, I have seen working from home quite the chore. At home there are so many distractions and things I feel I want to do as a pick-me-up. I have diarised every week of lockdown – with timings and platforms for meetings, along with task lists for each day that I tick off. I am also rewarding myself after a task well done, with getting some fresh air or even a walksie.

There are so many people on their high horses boasting about how productive they have been in lockdown. We’re in an international pandemic. I’ll say that again. WE’RE IN AN INTERNATIONAL PANDEMIC! It’s ok to just take each day as it comes just to get through it. These aren’t normal times. Those high expectations are not there, neither should they be. Getting through each day is enough. That is achievement in itself.

Do take care, keep healthy and enjoy a bit of each day as much as you can.

Titania xx